Nuru Body Two Body Massage

The massage board state that the masseuse should limit their body contact to hands, forearms and elbow. However, the Japanese massages also use their feet. Body2body massage defies all these logics or restriction. The masseuse therapist (Yup) utilize her breasts, thighs, stomach, feet, calves, and forearms with varying speed and pressure.The most famous body2body massages are Nuru massage and soapy massage.

It gives energy/flow to the seven chakras or energy centers in your body. It can give you erotic feeling or spiritual experience. If the masseuse is good you will feel both and an experience of a lifetime. These kinds of therapist are hard to find who actually understand pressure points or chakras. After all, a massage is a spiritual journey.

Nuru Body to Body Massage

Nuru is a Japanese massage technique. In Japanese nuru means slippery or smooth. The massage uses a tasteless and odorless gel, made from Nori seaweed. The technique for Nuru massage is different as no hands are used in this massage. The masseuse and the party involved will put Nuru gel on each other and the masseuse’s body massages you.

Nuru Massage Gel
Nuru Gel

Massage and eroticism relieve your stress and as a result lot of people going for it. Nuru massage is not restricted to men; it is suitable for women as well. Nuru gel is not oil; it is very slippery making it perfect for slide body.  The oil usually dries faster but Nuru gel stays longer and as a result, enhances the pleasure.

Soapy Body2Body Massage

Nuru Body to Body Massage
Body2Body Massage

Soapy massage is the brainchild of Thailand. They have taken this art form to a different level. The best soapy massage experience is in Thailand only. Here how it goes. It starts in a bathtub, where you lay down and the woman will give you such a bath that even you would not have taken it in your entire life. A lot of foam is created in a small tub with some shampoo. She will make you lie on your stomach first on an inflated mattress. Then she pours that foam on your body and now the fun begins. She will put her naked body on you and start moving up and down. Her naked body is the tool for this kind of massage.

I have covered this in details on my two blogs. Here are the links.

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Advantage of Body-to-Body Massage

Like any other massage experience, the body-to-body massage has its own advantages. It boosts circulation, reduces stress, calms your body and helps sleep and so on. However, the extra advantage you get is that it helps rejuvenate your testosterone and your Tantra. You can read about Tantra Massage here. Like any other massage, it releases stress and increases the blood flow.

Body2body massage

Now after understanding the body-to-body massage, there are variations available. You can hire two therapists for a body-to-body experience. Then there are the extras where they `finish’ you and the `full service’ is also available. Not all provide these extra services, but it is available in most centers.

The other version of body2body massage is with the oil. Everything is same except instead of Nuru gel or soap, they use oil. They all provide a different experience. I would say try all once in this lifetime.

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