Safe Solo Travel

How to have Safe Solo Travel?

I have been answering a lot of questions on solo travel. The most frequently asked question is “How safe it is to travel alone?”  Women mostly, ask this question and in some scenarios men. Why do only women ask this question? According to a recent tourism survey, eighty percent of solo travelers are women. The people who ask these questions are the first time travelers or they have traveled but never traveled alone. Let discover ahead the attitude for safe solo travel.

From Tourist become a Traveler

The tagline says it all. Solo Travel is where you evolve from being a tourist and become a traveler. It is about discovering a place, a city or a country from the local perspective. By local, I mean local people. Eat where locals eat, discover new places, places that are not on the tourist radar. Traveling by local transport is an integral part of solo travel.

Safe Solo Travel
Tourist become a Traveler

Take a bus, a train, hire a bike or simply rent a bicycle. A taxi will take you to point A to B. Flights simply miss everything in between. The traditional methods are the essence of solo travel. They are not only enjoyable but save a lot of money too. Walking is the best way to discover a city.

Traveler to Story Teller

The solo travel will enable you to become a storyteller. These stories are to be written for other solo travelers. Anybody with Basic English can write about these experiences. It is the information you provide, nobody will judge your writing skills. I have my experiences shared here. I encourage all solo travelers to send their stories. It will help me and many other solo travelers to have a `safe travel’.  My website provides this information free. Travellers, who read my stories, will not require a guide or packages to travel to that location.

Solo Traveler
Learn Directions

Here is an example I want to share. A guided solo trip to Mae Klong Market in Bangkok will cost you anywhere from Rs.6,000-8000 (3,000-4,000Baht). The same trip on sharing basis (SIC) will bring that cost to half. However, you can do this trip in less than Rs.300 (150Baht). A Fellow traveler has written this information on this blog. He was able to achieve this by using local transport. If he had not shared this information nobody would have known.

Sharing Solo Travel Stories is a RESPONSIBILITY.

That Safe Solo Travel

Solo Traveler
Travel Blogger

Be informed. Read all the blogs of other travelers. Information is the key to make that safe travel. It is for not only solo but all travelers and tourist as well.  Information will save you a lot of money. I have saved a lot of money in transport that is where you spend the most. That is one reason I have made one section at my website `How to reach’. This section covers point-to-point information on intercity travel.  Let say, you want to go Chiang Mai from Bangkok. I have listed how you can travel by Train, Bus, Taxi, Sharing and the Flight. Information on the distance, the time it takes from each mode of transport and so on.  I have also shared how you can reach Chiang Mai from other cities of Thailand.

Safe Solo Travel
Local Attractions

Google the attractions, write down their addresses. You can even get the addresses in the native languages (Google is great) it will help you to ask the locals for directions. Even the annoying taxi driver cannot say, he does not understand English after that. Google even tell you the distance. This way you will have an idea how much fare you need to pay.

On Solo Trips do not forget to carry your `common sense’ it will make your journey very safe. I have also shared some packing tips for solo travel here.

Do remember that solo travel is about traveling and not looking for safe havens. Precautions are must but it should not hinder your travel plans. Be informed and make that Solo Travel NOW!

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