Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

It’s fairly safe to say that this is the most popular Go Go Bar in Phuket. The girls at Suzy Wong’s are divided into two groups: The regular staff and models that are super attractive and really deserve that title. Despite being the last bar in the Soi Seadragon, you won’t walk by without being intrigued.

Prices: Entrance is totally FREE, all beers are at 180 Baht and Singha Light is only 99 Baht.

Location: Soi Seadragon
Phone: +66 87 272 2588


Suzy Wong’s 2 (Devil’s Playground)

Lighting is well integrated into the design, gargoyles and statues decorate the place, and on iron cast balconies hosts some pretty dancing angels. There is one center stage that has a handful of girls dancing, and even one spot with a foot vibrator. Just opposite is a small stage with a mattress where one or two girls are performing fascinating aerobics.

Location: Soi Seadragon
Prices: Drink specials with 99 Baht for a Chang Beer, lady drinks are slightly more expensive at 200 Baht

Harem A Go Go

Harem A Go Go is the newest and definitely the most luxurious Go Go bar in the whole Phuket, with plush red velvet sofas and curtains all around, 2 main stages with 4 smaller platforms on each side. you take a seat on one of the wooden bar stools first so you can check out the ladies from a 50cm distance.

Location: Soi Seadragon
Prices: Drinks are somewhat pricier than in other venues but then there’s no entrance fee and they offer quite good entertainment. There is a Chang Beer special for 99 Baht, all other beers are at 195 Baht, lady drinks cost 240 Baht (200 Baht for waitresses)

Diablo A Go Go

It is one of the well known A Go Go in Soi Seadragon, the hottest lane in the hottest street of the hottest town of Phuket.

Rock Hard AGoGo

The music is good with lots of fast paced high spirit rocks from the 80s and 90s and the mood is to say the less festive. Girls are very friendly, their English might be basic but they know how to have fun.

There is no entrance fee
Location: Soi Bangla