Now Soi 6 is lies between Road No.1 and 2. It’s less than half a kilometer (350 Meters actually). This Soi is more famous for a day fun, not that night is less entertaining. Having more than 90 bars and more than 1000 women working in them, you are spoilt for choices. Also it is the cheapest place in Pattaya for drinks and `Short Time’ fun. This place shuts down by 1 O’clock in the night.

I would like to also tell you that till now I haven’t gone to Soi6. I’m writing this blog after researching over the internet.  Will be heading towards Soi6 in my next trip for sure, so more is coming.

Working Around Soi 6

You should probably walk this area. This could be fun as all the girls are standing outside these bars to get you in. All the bars in this area have accommodations for `Short Time’ fun. These accommodations are built on top of all the bars. When I say `In the Bar’, it actually means short time fun upstairs. Though you do have choice to sit and have a few drinks with the lady you like. But eventually you will be asked to go `UPSTAIRS’. `Upstairs’ means for short time which is one hour and `Downstairs’ means some more unusual extra services.


There is Something about the Bars

Some bars are well done. They have good atmosphere, Pool tables, good music, air conditioned and on special days they have theme parties where women are wearing `Nurse Outfits’, `School Girl’ etc. Some bars have outside sitting as well. This way you can sit outside and check out the street and bars around you. You will always find people sitting outside.

The pool in most bars is free. If you are single, no worries, you can get a girl to play with you. And this my friend can be foreplay as well. The bar fine in soi6 is same everywhere, 300-350Baht. You can also get all-inclusive deal for 1000Baht. That includes bar fine, surprised, as I said this place is the cheapest. The drink prices are standard too in Soi 6, 80-90Baht for a beer and 120Baht for the lady drink.

The Upstairs

Room facilities in all the bars differ. Some have small room with just some pictures hanging. Some are good with all facilities, like small fridge, Television, attached bathroom etc. Some bars don’t have attached bathroom, you have to go out and walk down to your room. You will find people on the way, doing the same. So if you are shy, don’t be everybody is here for the same thing. And `Downstairs’ you just have sofas to sit.

My Point of view; my experience 

Now reason for not going on Soi 6 till now is, it’s not my type. Slam-Bam is not my thing. These girls do 5-6 persons a day maybe more. Now not talking anything from Soi 6 fun, you may get GF experience as well. The choice is so huge that you will find your thing while walking down the 350 meter of heavenly walk.

But my motto is `At least try once’, so next time I hit Pattaya, Soi 6 will be the first thing on my `To Do’ list.