You can reach Karbi by Air, Bus, Ferry and Taxi. There are no trains (Not direct anyway). There are big cost variations and travel time depending on which transport you use. Use can use ferry for more romantic and scenic pleasure but it takes a lot of time. You can go by bus which is less expensive and also saves time compared to a ferry.

Though the taxi will save a lot of time the cost is almost 3-4 times against the cost of Ferry or a bus. Taking a flight is another story altogether.

The other factor which needs to be taken into account is, how much time does is take to reach the city center from the bus stop, from the pier or the airport. Taxi, however, will take you directly to wherever you want to go.

Phuket to Karbi by Ferry

Ferries depart from Rassada Pier which is located in the south of Phuket Town. You can get there by pink bus N3 or by taxi (You can also get Shared Taxis).  There are regular songthaews running from Rassada pier (THB10) to Phuket Town.

Ferry Boat

There are no direct regular ferries from Phuket to Krabi (Except One). Daily ferries operate between Phuket and Krabi via Phi Phi Island. (This often involves changing boats at Phi Phi Island)

There is only one ferry which goes directly to Krabi and drops you at Ao Nang. From there they also provide free shuttle service to the town.

Now the second best way is to take a ferry to Phi Phi Island. And you can take from any pier you know in Phuket or in Krabi. From Phi Phi, you can take another ferry to reach Krabi.  This way you have the liberty to take any ferry from Phi Phi to Karbi.

Why you need to do this is when you book a ferry to Krabi all will go from Phi Phi, this way you are at liberty to take any ferry which is going the earliest.

Andaman Sea is notorious for its rough character. When the weather is stormy it is really dangerous to go by boat. Put off your sea journey until the skies clear up or go overland – by bus or by taxi. It is much safer.

Speedboat to Phi Phi

Private Speedboat Transfer is the next most popular way of getting to Phi Phi. Basically, it’s a private charter of a speedboat, so departure and drop-off points are a little more flexible and you can go right up to the front of your chosen resort, which can save a lot of time.

Speed Boat

For most of the year, the ride is flat, but it’s advisable to avoid speedboats in low season (from September to November) as things can get a little bumpy. Obviously, speedboats are more expensive than the ferry, but they can represent excellent value for larger groups as the cost of the boat hire is divided.

The cost of 4 Seater Speedboat would be around 11,000THB till Phi Phi Island.

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Phuket To Krabi – By Bus

You can take buses to Krabi from Phuket town. If you are staying in Patong or any other far place, the cost of reaching Phuket town via bus service will come to 20-40THB. The buses leave every half hour. A motorbike taxi will cost you anywhere between 70-100THB and will take less time.

The bus to Krabi will cost you 150THB.

Now once inside the bus station, there are lot many ticket counters from various service providers. Each has more or less the same price but timings are different. Choose the one which is going immediately.

Airconditioned buses are available. They will play Thai songs only. So either get your own iPhone or ear buds.

The ride is anywhere between 3.5 hours to 4 hours.

Do note that the bus will drop you to Krabi bus stop. If you have to Ao Nang either take a taxi for 350THB or look for a bus for 40THB.

Phuket To Krabi – By Mini Bus/Van

Traveling by minibus will cost you anywhere between 450-650THB (If you are spending 650THB take flight you can get it for 700THB). Traveling time will be same as the bus 3-4Hours.

Some advantage of a mini bus can be that they will tell you if the bus route is near to your hotel or look for a service provider whose bus go from your hotel.

On the downside, it leads to a slow start as it will pick a lot of other people en-route, though they will make it for the lost time by driving really fast.

A minivan is a good option if you are traveling in a large group.

Phuket To Krabi – By Taxi

Taxi is the most expensive options to reach Krabi. Cost anywhere from 2500-3800THB one way, depending on where you stay in Phuket. It takes 2-3 Hours to reach Krabi depending upon traffic and where are you staying in Phuket.

There are lots of advantage to this, you can reach very fast, Plus it gives you a door to door service. You can also make it interesting while stopping in between and checking out amazing location and temples en-route.

You can go to Wat Suwanna Kuha (or Monkey Cave Temple) in Phang Nga and Wat Bang Riang in the north of Krabi. For a longer break, you could take a short detour to Phang Nga pier for a couple of hours’ longtail boat trip to James Bond Island and Koh Panyi, the floating Muslim village. Boat rental is around 1500 THB total + National park fees. Or, closer to Krabi, stop off in Ao Luk to visit Tharnbok Khorani National Park or the caves at Bor Thor by kayak or longtail boat (800 THB per boat).