Pattaya to Chiang Mai

To travel for Pattaya Chiang Mai you can take a bus, a minivan or you can take a plane from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Buses for Pattaya Chiang Mai

Pattaya has three bus stations: North Pattaya (PattayaNua), Central Pattaya (Sukhumvit Road) and Jomtien Beach. Ask at the counter for the service and destination. You can go direct from Pattaya to Chiang Mai. Via Bangkok.

The Nakhon Chai Air bus company offers daily buses from Pattaya to Chiang Mai. It is actually the bus route from Rayong to Chiang Mai, but the bus makes a stop at the Nakhon Chai Air bus station on Sukhumvit road. The end station is the Arcade Bus Terminal in Chiang Mai.


There are three different classes of buses available, Economy, Silver and Gold. There are a total of 8 buses per day, but the Gold Class buses who cost 725 baht pass Pattaya between around 17:00 and 20:00.

Upon arrival in Chiang Mai you will depart at Arcade Bus Station which is located approximately 3 km from the city centre. Be pre-warned that as soon as you depart the bus, you will be bombarded by drivers looking for business

Pattaya Bus Station phone –  +66 (0) 38424871

Minivans for Pattaya Chiang Mai

It will take around 11-12hours through a minivan. There is one daily minivan traveling from Pattaya to Chiang Mai. You can buy tickets at any travel agency in Pattaya. The minivan will pick you up from your hotel.

Minivans for Pattaya Chiang Mai

The trip takes about 11 hours depending on traffic; traveling such a distance by minivan is not really comfortable. Expect to pay 1900 baht for a one way trip.

Pattaya Chiang Mai by Flight

Best is to take a flight from Suvarnbhumi airport. You can take a direct bus from Pattaya to Suvrnbhumi airport

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Self-drive Route

There are a couple of routes to take when driving from Pattaya to Chiang Mai. Look for the signs to Ayuthaya. Approximately 850km, the road can be relatively free of heavy traffic. Goods vehicles and buses usually travel the route at night, so a daytime journey may actually be a better choice.

Self-drive Route to Pattaya Chaing Mai
Self-drive Route to Pattaya Chaing Mai

Plus, driving during daylight hours will be a much safer trip. The main route is by expressway, so a straight-forward drive, with plenty of motorway services and garages on route.

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