Bangkok to Pattaya  by Train

Our favorite form of transport in Thailand is the train. It’s not the fastest mode of transport, but it’s cheap and lots of fun. The good news is that you can get a train from Bangkok to Pattaya, but the bad news is that there is only one train per day.

The train leaves Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong train station at 6:55 and arrives in Pattaya at 10:34. You’ll need to get a songthaew, tuk-tuk or taxi from there into the city center.

Tickets cost 140 baht for first class, 72 baht for second class and 31 baht for third class.

This train can’t be pre-booked, so arrive early at Hua Lamphong Station to buy a ticket. From either station, you must transfer to songthaews (Covered pick-up trucks), taxis, or motorbike taxis to go to the Pattaya Beach Area.

Pattaya has two train stations located in the east of Sukhumvit Road

Pattaya Train Station is the main stop, located in the north of the junction with Central Pattaya Rd. There are local minibus and motorbike taxi services waiting around the station to take passengers anywhere in the Pattaya Beach area. To board the train at this station, passengers must buy tickets beforehand. The ticket office is open from 8 am. – 4 pm.

Railway Station Pattaya

Pattaya Tai Train Station is a small station located about 3 km further south. It is closer to Jomtien, near the Sukhumvit -Thepprasit Road intersection.

The only train from Pattaya to Bangkok leaves at 14:21 and arrives at 18:15.

Tickets back to Bangkok must be bought at the Main Pattaya Train Station before boarding, and are only sold in the final 30 minutes before departure. The Main Pattaya Train Station is far from Pattaya itself. The bus ride into Pattaya will probably cost you more than the train fare from Bangkok.

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Bangkok To Pattaya By Van (Minibus)

Getting a van (minibus) is a faster option than the bus but might cost a little extra. The vans leave from outside Victory Monument BTS station. You’ll see a huge amount of vans in this area so you just need to ask around to see which ones are going to Pattaya. You’ll also need to negotiate the price before hand. It should cost around 150-200 baht.