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First, any traveler asks is,” Give me the best tour package you have!” Well, sure all my packages are good. No tour operator will put up an inventory that is not his best. A lot of thought goes into making an itinerary of a package. There are, however, so many variables in making a package. It is next to impossible to get it aced. Therefore, every tour operator will ask you to give more details. It helps to know what you are expecting and it makes it easy to give what you want.

How to get the Best Tour Package

DETAILS, that’s the only thing needed to get that best tour package. I would recommend every traveler to provide details. If you are not sure, browse through packages to get an idea.  Here are few things which you can help a tour operator to give you the best package.

Place of Visit – The excited traveler does miss this details sometimes. The focus is to get the best tour package. Also, tell if you are open to any other location.

No. of Days – It will help an operator to make an itinerary.

How Many People – This will decide the no. of rooms to be booked and many other things. More people also means you may get discounts in certain categories like guided tours.

What dates you want to go – If you are flexible with your travel dates it helps a tour operator. He will be able to give you more choices that are economical.

Budget – You should tell a budget. Give a range of budget.

Facts of Tour Package

Best Tour Package
Get Best Tour Package

Now, a here’s a tricky part, a package usually comprises of flight ticket, room booking and visa fee for international travel. That will give you X amount. Another alternative is they will include a ‘Sort of’ package. This particular alternative has ruined the travel industry and customer experience. This choice is the victim of the phrase `best tour package’. You got to a location. You stay there for half or most of the day. Then they will drop you back to where you started and then you are on your own.

A real tour package will give you experience. The guide will make sure you learn something about the country. It could be their heritage, wildlife, food nightlife etc. These tours are expensive for a solo traveler if they hire a personal guide. However, it a great money saver, if you are in-group which, is above four people.

When you add the cost of `real tour package’, you will get an amount XX. It will higher than X amount but it will be a great experience. The amount difference is not much. However, some travel agents just to be competitive will not even tell you about these choices.

Have You Factored These?

Best Tour Package
Wise Travelers Best Tour Package

When making a budget for travel, some variables are left un-shared by a travel agent. You have to calculate the travel to the airport and from the airport to the hotel. Expenditure like taxi travel, daily food, some shopping, and the water you buy etc. Theses YOU need to calculate. When you don’t calculate these things your `best tour package’ will leave a sour taste. You cannot blame the tour operator for this.

Finally, you want to see a place through a tour operator eyes or yours, I will let that sink in.

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