Now when I say Pattaya Best Hotels, it not only means it has good service and other parameters but also is a ‘Guest Friendly Hotels‘. The next question (for some) would be whats that? When you check in a hotel and bring an extra person (not the person who traveled with you) to your room you are charged extra for that person (Between 500-1000Baht). But if the hotel is guest friendly you pay nothing.

However the room which you have booked should be booked under `double occupancy’. The difference between a single occupancy and double occupancy is hardly 100-150bhat, so always book double occupancy. If you are crazy like me you will be bringing that guest daily. So I will highly recommend that you always book a Guest Friendly Hotel to save a lot of money (Almost 3500-7000 for a weeks trip).

Now where are these hotels?

I have compiled these hotel list just for you. I have also segregated the list with their star rating and location. You can also click on the links to check out the prices. I have been using Agoda for a long time, there rates and services are very good. You are free to choose any other platform as you like.

I have divided Pattaya into 6 parts and I have compiled the guest friendly hotels accordingly. Click on any of the links below.

  1. Beach Road Pattaya Best Hotels
  2. Central Area Pattaya Best Hotels
  3. North Area Pattaya Best Hotels
  4. South Area Pattaya Best Hotel
  5. Walking Street Pattaya Best Hotel
  6. Jomtien Pattaya Best Hotel

Area Understanding

Beach Road – When I say beach road it means all the hotel near the beach. Near the beach means just a few steps away from the beach and not 20 steps. You will get the beach view from most of these hotels.

The Central Pattaya is best of both worlds. If you booked your hotel in this area it becomes very convenient to travel anywhere in Pattaya. The beach road is nearby plus you are very near to walking street. You will be very near to Hard Rock Café and Hooters.

North Pattaya, for me, is a quiet place where there are group of best hotels in Pattaya. Most of the soapy massage places are in this area. Plus, you are very near to the second best place in Pattaya, the Soi 6. Soi 6 I would call it a `Pub Road’, it is the best place for afternoon fun. You can also explore Soi 7and 8.

The South Pattaya gets very crowded because of walking street. In the evening all Pattaya heads towards the `Walking Street’. It will become very noisy also. You will find some good restaurants in this area.

Walking street is the center of attraction in Pattaya. You will get very cheap accommodations in this area. But it will be noisy. But for the single traveler my recommendations is, `try at least once’.

Jomtien is a secluded area. It’s calm, cool and not to touristy area of Pattaya. They have limited hotels in this area. But if you are a beach person, you should pick this area. Also walking street from there is hardly 20min. You have good connectivity by Baht bus or you can simply go on a scooter.